About us

subsea operations

La.Re.Sub carries out maritime works in general and restoration workwith their own equipment (Pontoons and boats of various kinds) and a team of divers with certified experience. 

In particular, it deals with the laying of subsea pipelines both small and large, on an  international level. The company has the ISO 9001: 2008 , Rina Certification for Additional Services , SOA Issue 2014  and is member of the SOA Category OG7 class IV.

Our work

underwater welding

La.Re.Sub carries out dredging and subsea excavations, welding, underwater cutting and maintenance and inspection of pipelines in general. Studies for the environmental impact of the works, video filming including release of technical reports and sworn certifications made by divers members of the Harbour Master Roster.

Subsea pipelines

We are leaders in the field of laying and maintenance of subsea pipelines. Thanks to our highly qualified staff and proven experiencein maritime and subsea workswe are able to offer high-quality services for every need.

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