Installation of Floating pontoons

maritime works

Since 1970, La.Re.Sub operates in maritime worksand restoration projects. It specialises in the laying of subsea pipelinesboth small and large, on a national and international level, including dredgingoperations and underwater excavations, maintenance and inspection of pipelines.

The Sorgente - Rizziconi underwater power line is now operative

LA.Re. Subalso played an active part in laying the world's longest power line.


Sicily can now export energy.

The submarine cable linking Sicily to Calabria is finally active. We provided our motor-barge to help lay the power line cables on the seabed, spanning 38 Km out of a total of 105 to make it the longest in the world.

How we operate

subsea pipelines

The company evaluates the environmental impact, video filming with release of technical reports and sworn certifications, using a team of divers members of the Harbour Master Roster and carries out underwater cutting and welding.

La.Re.Sub has its own equipment to carry out the work (pontoons and boats of various kinds).

We are specialized in underwater work and dredging, as well as shipyards, maintenance and laying of subsea pipelines.

Direct contact


Reference person: Rosario Costa.

Tel: +39 (0)90 355309 - +39 335 1045344

Fax: +39 (0)90 355309

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