What we do

Seabed definition for geotechnical suveys
Shaft with inspection chamber


  • maritime works in general » subsea work
  • laying of subsea pipelines both small and large
  • Dredging and subsea excavations
  • Coring
  • Definition of seabed profiels


  • construction of ports and docks
  • subsea demolitions
  • subsea foundations
  • dredging operations
  • installation of floating docks.
  • laying of subsea cables
  • laying of subsea pipelines
  • laying of sewers for discharge into the sea
  • anticorrosive treatments for subsea structures

In detail

Shaft with inspection chamber
Diffusing element


  • designs for subsea pipelines
  • manufacture and assembly of subsea pipelines
  • Coring
  • Definitionof seabed for geotechnical surveys
  • Dredgingand subsea excavations


  • maritime and river works» maintenance of port facilities
  • seabed drillingoperations
  • definitionof seabed profiles for carrying out geotechnical surveys
  • manufacture and assembly of subsea pipelines
  • naval restoration
  • hydrographic surveys
  • underwater archaeological excavations
  • video filming with release of technical reports and sworn certifications, made by divers members of the Harbour Master Roster


  • construction of maritime wharves
  • construction of movable bridges
  • construction of marinas
  • laying and maintenance of marine pipelines
  • Coringfor seabed samples

Other Works

Marine pipelines

We also take care of

  • Underwater inspections with Rina Certification,
  • Floating Docks for Mooring Recreational Craft
  • Boat storage
  • Shipyards and much more.

The company has its own vehicles and various equipment, as specified below, for carrying out the work detailed above and a team of divers with certified experience.

Direct contact - Mr Costa Rosario (Legal Representative)

Mobile 335/1045344


Equipment and works tools available to the Company

Transportation of marine pipelines


Motorized pontoon "Albatros", gross tonnage 95.05, vessel registered with the Maritime District of Messina with N. 2755, member of Rina with N. 43492

Machinery and/or various equipment:

  • ORENSTEIN excavator model N. RH9
  • dredging hydraulic pump DRAGFLOW model N. 85 h.
  • Moto-compressor type Jazz 22p 349*146*126 net weight 1018 Atlas Copco
  • Mechanical shovel
  • Rotary Cutter Simex model. N. TF 1000
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